the featured images

Here is what I thought while I designed the feature image: Clear and Interesting. In the first version, I liked the 70s color and style. (YAAAS, that’s my Fav!) However, it distracts people’s attention and misses the meaning of feature image in order to guide the direction in just one glance. So,

  1. COLOR: I made a decision to change color to match my logo: Pink, Blue and White. However, too much pink scared me too; I needed a balance. To make a strong contrast, I decided to use black as background. Once decide the front and back color, I naturally managed the rest of color to be neutral color: gray.
  2. HIDDEN FIGURES: You can find that my logo is designed with some childlike elements. One reason is that ADULTHOOD IS BORING! I want my brand to be creative and never tired of change and experiment. This idea was brought to the feature images too. I wanted my dolphin jumped out of the logo and hided in the feature image! Can you find them?
  3. MY ROOT: Finally, the most important feature image for me is Graphic Design. You can find an interesting character 美 in it. In Mandarin Chinese, it is been pronounced Mei. It means beauty. (It is my first name, so basically you are calling me “beauty” every time hahahaha, ewwwwww!) I chose this word because a positive graphic can make you feel pretty. To look into this character, I feel it looks like a person with long feet wearing goat horns standing there. See! I even put a crown on him/her! I started to create the idea of transforming my logo into it. Step by step, I also wanted to add a dolphin from my country. So Mei+Crown+Dolphin Tail+Taiwan, boom!
    I hope you enjoy finding the messages hiding my new feature images, and create your own way to express your thoughts and imagination.

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