Social Media Manager

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I managed the Associated Student Government Social Media platform for the 2016-2017 academic year. I promoted the Student Government Election in different communication forms: Video, GIF, Photography, Graphic, Brochure, Tabling, Forum, Display Case, Press Release, Survey and Marketing Materials. In conjunction with Earth Week, all these medias were packaged with our branding theme “Wild West” and “Zero Waste”. As the result, it drove 3,000-plus visitors to attend the events. The following examples capture what I created to advertise the event.

To manage social media, I use Buffer and Hootsuite to streamline and consolidate social media marketing. (Click the Linkage below to access to the file.)

  • VIDEO (more videos click HERE)
    The average student age at the college is 28. Videos are the most popular way to promote events; it is eye catching and easy to share. I edited videos between 30 secs to 1 min in order to keep visitor’s attention. Less is more.
  • GIF
    I used some interesting images or videos to create GIF to match our theme.
    I took photos and edited in Photoshop, and also cooperated Snapchat Ads for the event filter.
  • GRAPHICS (more graphics click HERE)
    I designed web graphics and print graphics.
  • BROCHURE (more brochures click HERE)
    To promote the organization’s value and mission, I designed the brochure with Adobe InDesign.
    ASG Brochure
  • PRESS RELEASE (more press release samples see Press Release Samples)
    I maintained good relations with the college newspaper.
    I took advantage of every opportunity to meet with audience to advertise the event; setting a table during rush hours, hosting a presidential debate for students to know the candidates, decorating the display cases by the cafeteria.
  •  SURVEY (more surveys click HERE)
    Surveys are a great way to get feedback from the community to learn their interests.
  • Marketing Materials
    Design marketing materials such as promotional T-shirts, booklets, towels and props.

    Please find out more examples in my blog.

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