Last weekend I visited my in-laws in Oregon. They prepared so many Indian dishes that were new to my sensations. Every day I smelled, tasted and saw a big variety of spices. Red, purple, black, orange, yellow, green! Sour, salty, spicy, nutty! Seeing the spices dance around the pan as they pop and crackle. I wish I had taken more photos to remember such new and vibrant dishes. It was funny that the photos I did manage to take were of much more familar vegetables; the Onion, Sweet Potato and Pear. After coming back, I was wondering how to make these photos work in a design project.

While I googled onion stories in India, this blog Lassi with Lavina introduced me to the signifigance of the onion to India: India was the world’s second largest producer of onions. The Onion was one of the oldest vegetables in India, and it had such a array of tastes and colors.

After my research was complete, I created a logo from this red onion: ‘Onions in India’.

The full design is here.IMG_9010

onions and India logo fix shadow


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