Keep Head Up

For the past month I sketched my feelings and life every night. Although I got to practice using graphic tablet, the design structure seemed very loose and didn’t have specific goal or direction. I was stressed because of the limited time for me to find a job, Over all I did not know what exactly I was doing. I started to have some negative images out of my mind. Everything fell apart because I could not control anything in life.

One day my adviser replied my message: “Keep your head up, you rock star! We face many challenges in life but it’s how you react to those moments that matter. You are not finished doing great work, you are only getting started.”

Her words finally woke me up. Even if I could not find a job in the US, I can still do so many things in Taiwan; organizing meetup event, getting more education in design, advocating for people who need justice. I decided to focus on Adobe Illustrator afterwards especially on texture and technique. I will polish my skills, find a place to land and build leadership.

I am very lucky to be surrounded by many leaders.

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