Hooray for my “footprint” from Aug, 2017 to Jan, 2018.


3. Created 24 logo prototypes, assets for one website (11 menu icons and 9 banners), 2 animations, 1 GIF, 1 website design, 1 brochure, 2 flyers, and many other design experiments.
4. Managed freelancer business for the first time.
5. Recreated the vector logo for a client.
6. Applied hundreds of jobs. Had 2 in-person interviews and more than 5 phone interviews.*
7. Spent countless times to edit Linked In, resume, cover letter, and blaaaahhhhh.*
8. Toured for 16 hours at Bellevue Arts Museum. Shot and edited photos for events and meetings.

Also I have some self learning progress:
1. Started practicing calligraphy and writing in January, 2018, and set the goal to be capable of designing/lettering in two years.
2. Started using drawing tablet in October, 2017, and loved it.
3. Learned how to type Simplified Chinese in a different typing system and memorized Chinese dialect in two days.
4. Used Squarespace for the first time and was able to build a website with 5 sub pages within 6 hours.
5. Started my 2018 bullet journal.

*About the experience of applying jobs in America (4, 5), I will write another post.

Above are just quantity not quality. They are my footprint for the past 6 months. They remind me discipline. For designer, a lot of time disciple is more important than motivation.

So, let me just look back (Ready), set goal (Set)**, and move forward (Go!).

**About my goal I will write another post.

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